hi its sahar hello !!!!!!!!! um so basically ive unfollowed everyone (mostly 1d blogs) and im kind of just changing my tumblr to a personal tumblr (DW im still a 1d fan FOR SURE 100%%%%%) but like i have no motivation to get on tumblr and i kind of need the personal tumblr for future use. UMMMMM if we talked and stuff, follow me on twitter @hxarrystyles , IM ON ALL THE TIME

also I’ve moved to kingnabokov.tumblr.com ALSO if we talked a lot, just send me a tweet and i’ll link you to my facebook or instagram!!!!!! i had a great time on tomlinsogay for the last 3 years and man so many memories… its hard for me to let this go but ive been thinking for it for a few months now so YAH i hope everyone gets to meet 1/5 or get a follow from 1/5 hope you all have an amazing year/life w/e ily all GOODBYE

((also if i haven’t unfollowed you means i wanna still see u on my timeline or maybe cuz we’re reALLY close friends lol ttyl)))